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The Lo's Doughs staff are professional, the donuts are delicious and most importantly, all the guest from my son's 1st birthday party are still raving about the donuts! They were amazing!!! Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Gretchen Atkins-Brown

Broward, FL.

I had the opportunity to purchase these delightful treats at the Market Place in Coconut Grove. The Customer service was excellent. The donuts were to die for with many flavors to choose from. I would highly recommend them.

DiShonte Munnings

Coconut Grove, Miami

I had the opportunity to try Lo’s Doughs at an office function. The doughnuts and their toppings were so delicious that I contacted them for my daughters sweet sixteens. It was a hit with the kids and the adults loved them as well. The owners are so friendly. I loved the entire experience with this company. I will definitely recommend this awesome company!

Irma Sabel

Broward, FL.

Lo’s Doughs was a vendor at my son’s 5th birthday party and they were absolutely amazing. The professionalism was impeccable, not to mention the doughnuts were amazing. I would most definitely recommend their services to anyone and I will be a returning customer. I’m truly satisfied. Thank you all for everything!!!!

Erika Culmer

Miramar, FL

Lo's Doughs is the perfect petite treat! Not overbearingly sweet but just right. The dough is soft with just the right hint of sweetness. And the various flavors are phenomenally tasty; homemade goodness. The flavors and topping combinations are endless!

All of Lo's Doughs toppings embodies that patient, grinding, humbleness necessary for producing such amazing flavors. Whether it's the Ana Banana glaze topped with crumbled graham crackers, or a mixture of white chocolate and strawberry; you're guaranteed a phenomenal build your own satisfying treat.


So if you are looking for the perfect petite treat for birthdays, weddings, corporate or family events may I suggest Lo's Doughs; bite size absolute homemade goodness.

Shyretta Jenkins

Miami, FL

Best doughnuts ever. Beats Krispy Kreme hands down!!

Alonzo Moncur

Miami, FL

The absolute best treat ever! My son brought home a whole container, now I have to stay in the gym to work them off. They're so worth the extra sweat!

Tracy Vickers

Miami, FL

The doughnuts were decadent and extremely delicious. They have a light, airy texture which leaves you with the sensation that you can't eat just one! A variety of doughnut toppings were available ranging from white chocolate to bacon flavored...yummy! Great experience!

Dearta Smith

Miami, FL.

If you haven't tried Lo's Doughs you're missing out!! The donuts are delicious, and the team gives 5 Star service. The kids and ADULTS are asking when we can have them again!! Great Job!!

Jeannette Fields

Miami, FL.

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Lo's Doughs. They have all the P's in check... Professionalism, Presentation and Product. Speaking of the "Product", the DONUTS are AMAZING!! Melt in your mouth DELICIOUS...The hardest part is determining your favorite topping. If you're like me, mix and match to get yours. My favorite is the white chocolate drizzle with strawberry glaze, YUMMY!! Dare to be different and book your event for Top Notch Service, it will definitely be a conversation piece.

Renee Anderson-Dixon

Hollywood, FL

Lo's Doughs does it again! 


Center for Modern Language PTA is overly impressed with your service today at their Teacher Appreciation Event.


Keep rocking!!!

Darnetia Parrott

Miami, FL

Hot and delicious doughnuts with so many unique topping selections! My favorites are the maple bacon glaze & the strawberry shortcake crumble, but they're all SO good! I can't wait to get my next doughnut fix!!!

Jazzmin Parga

Perry, FL

Lo's Doughs are simply delicious! I've had the opportunity to attend three events where Lo's Doughs were featured and served! Such a light, fresh tasty treat. Today I enjoyed them sprinkled with confectioner's sugar, dark chocolate drizzle and red velvet crumbles. Scrumptious! Can't wait to have them again.

Gayle Ross Love

Miami, FL

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