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We make your event special with doughnuts! 

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Get to know
Lo's Doughs

Lo's Doughs is a family owned mobile company that's dedicated to providing high quality, hot doughnuts while giving customers a fun and unique gourmet experience. We create entertaining solutions that enhance any event by transforming them into memorable moments. Aside from delicious hot doughnuts, we also provide an array of homemade toppings and crumble combinations. Each guest can create their own specialty doughnut. Our setup includes our doughnut trailer which features a frying machine, which allows your guests to watch the entire process of cooking doughnuts.

Whatever sprinkles your doughnuts 

Fresh 'n Tasty Doughnuts made on the spot and paired with homemade toppings created with you in mind 

The only thing better is a bigger box

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